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SANWEI Multi Layer W

Brand : SANWEI
Material/Structure : 11 ply
Reaction : 12.5
Vibration : 11.5
First speed : 8.5
Second speed : 11
Player type : MID-Fast speed
Impact : MID
Playing Style : OFF+
Handle Type : FL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size : 259 x 150
CS Size : 240 x 150



SANWEI Multi-Layer W

Product Description : The Multilayer W is initiative even structure, and with the awesome looking.
Strength could be more transferred, evenly from the bottom to the surface.
Could be well controlled when you try.
With a soft touch feeling, offers you stored power for a mid-far table pulling loop.
This 11 layers pure wood blade is also good for defense,
Matched with long pimples rubber, brings to you a very comfortable playing experience.