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SANWEI Hynover

Material/Structure 5 Ply + 2 Kevlar
Reaction 13
Vibration 9.8
First speed 11.8
Second speed 11
Player type Loop Attack
Impact Mid
Playing Style OFF+
Handle Type FL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size 259 x 150
CS Size 240 x 150



SANWEI Hynover

Hynover is a premium blade that we have developed and tested for a long time and finally made by our new craft technology.

We optimized its 3 ply wood + 2 carbon structure by putting a paper-thin Birch layer each between the surface and the carbon, to achieve a better power transmission and vibration absorbing.

The Hinoki surface provided an elegant looking as well as a perfect touch feeling. Kevlar fiber as strong support provided the strength while hit the ball far from tables.

The Hynover blade is suitable for offensive players! The total weight is around 95 grams. The choice for the players love heavy feelings!