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Brand : SANWEI
Material/Structure : Pure 7 plywood
Reaction : 13
Vibration : 11.5
First speed : 9.5
Second speed : 10
Player type : Fast Speed
Impact : MID
Playing Style : ALL+
Handle Type : FL/CS/ST/AN/FL Thin
FL Size : 259 x 150
CS Size : 240 x 1




Product Description : FEXTRA is a handmade 7 ply pure wood blade.
Laminated by initiative attaching technique.
Offer a steady hand-feeling and compensate the control ability to the player who’s weak on this skill.
The 3 middle wood-layers reflect clearly the reaction of force and counterforce.
Helps the blade to release fast feedback to the coming ball.
The carefully selected wood-layer will easily bring to you the high quality quick attacking looping effect.
FEXTRA is a classic blade with great comprehensive property in a 40+ period.